A Video Time (and Date) Inserter is a device that connects between a video camera and the video recorder / monitor to electronically imprint the time and date along a (chosen) edge of the video frame.  Earlier versions use an internal quartz clock (for example see the 'Supercircuits' box below), but they can also be synchronised with an accurate external time source, such as GPS.

GPS Based Video Time Inserters

Now that the cost of suitable GPS receivers has come down, there is growing interest in GPS based video time inserters - Please follow this link to the GPS page.   A number of groups are working on clever small microprocessor based devices that are integrated with state of the art GPS modules.


SUPERCIRCUITS in the US   market a   "Time And Date Generator"
described in their documentation as follows:

The TDCT-3 will add time and date information to any camera/VCR combination.  Simply connect between the camera and the VCR.  Internal back-up battery retains settings when disconnected from power. Display size and brightness is adjustable, and time/date information can be positioned anywhere on the screen.  Time & date are displayed in the familiar  “01/01/00 12:30:29 PM”  format.   Size is  3.4” X 3.95” X .95” thick, and weight is 9.5 ounces.  Input and output are standard RCA type connectors.   (Price in  2003  US$115)    NOTE: the above refers to the NTSC version of the device.  Currently, we do not know if a PAL version is available.  However, major brand video recorders sold in 'PAL standard' countries often have the capability to record in NTSC format.

This inserter - as sold - uses an internal quartz clock.  However, we know of users who have converted the "set" button circuitry to enable synchronisation with an external source of accurate time, such as a  GPS Time Receiver

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